How to Cheat a Lie Detector Test

This article explains a couple of approaches to the age-old question, How to Cheat a Lie
Detector Test. If you think you will have difficulty cheating the test, speak to a member of
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Cheat a Lie Detector Test

Polygraph machines, commonly known as lie detectors, are not a scientific instrument. They
do not have the ability to tell whether you are telling the truth or lying. Instead, the
machines read your bodily responses, for example breathing rate and perspiration. The
polygraph examiner then reviews these readings, along with the interspaced questions he
asked, and takes a view on whether you are being truthful or not. If you are able to manipulate your bodily responses, and thus the readings, you will have learnt how to cheat a lie detector test.

Reasons to Cheat a Lie Detector Test

Polygraph, or Lie detector, test results are not admissible in courts, however it is totally legal
for an officer or official to use the lie detector as sort of a conversation starter to prod you
to confess. Companies are also looking to connect job seekers and applicants to lie detector
as part of a job interview or a background check, ensuring you really are telling the truth about your intentions to work for the company and the extent of your previous work

Be Smart About Answering Questions

A polygraph test is not just a machine you are connected to, it is also an interrogation. This
applies not just to the test itself, but to any conversations you have before and after you’re
hooked up to the machinery. Make sure to stick to your story both before and after the test,
the examiner is always trying to catch you out!

How to Cheat the Lie Detector

When the examiner asks you once of the specific or relevant questions, relax yourself and
keep your breathing normal. If you are lying, the examiner will expect your body to show
signs of stress.
The second part is to answer to control or shock questions with a strong reaction. The
control questions are not related to the test subject but are designed to shock you. They are
questions which the examiner will tell you to lie in your answer, supposedly to test or
calibrate the machine. The real reason for these is to make you nervous about whether
you’re acting nervous enough.
If you are able to demonstrate a strong reaction to these questions, your actual lies will look
normal and hence the examiner will deduct that you are telling the truth.

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