Fake Lie Detector Test Online

This article explains how to get a Fake Lie Detector Test Online, how long it takes and what
results to expect. Our team have working in the Polygraph industry for many years and we
ensure that our Fake Lie Detector Test Results are 100% authentic and believable.

Fake Lie Detection Test Online

We provide a comprehensive Fake Lie Detector Test Online, without the need to take a real
examination, all from the comfort of your laptop, computer or smartphone. Our online order
form is very simple to use, asking the most basic of details in order to produce our report.
We do not ask pointless amounts of information, instead we ask only for the information
that appears on the Fake Lie Detector Test Report.

How Long Does it Take?

Providing you know the 3 issue-specific questions you would like to appear on the report,
completing our online order form takes less than 2 minutes. Our payment provider, PayPal,
ensure a seamless process by allowing customers to use their existing PayPal account, or
completing payment as a guest by simply inputting their card details. Once we have
received payment notification, our team will begin working on your bespoke Online Fake Lie
Detector Report and will email it from our “real” polygraph company within 1 business hour.
Should you order outside of our standard business hours (CET), our team will begin working
on your report as soon as the office opens the following morning. Either way, we guarantee
to send your report within 12 hours, no matter when you order your Online Fake Lie
Detector Report.

Does the Fake Lie Detector Test Work?

Absolutely, our reports are identical to the real thing and replicate the appearance, design,
wording and content of a real polygraph report. We even provide a back-up email, website
and contact telephone number should your partner, friend or family member wish to
confirm you took the test and verify the results.
To order an Online Fake Lie Detector Test, click the “ORDER NOW” icon at the top of this
page, or visit https://www.fakepolygraph.com/order

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