Example Fake Polygraph Questions

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To make your Fake Polygraph Test Result truly authentic, we need to focus on wording the
questions correctly. Below we have outlined some example questions our examiners have
experienced in past tests.

Since the start of your relationship with Laura, have you passionately kissed anyone
Apart from Terry and Jason, have you had sexual intercourse with any other man?
Have you cheated on your wife Susan?
Have you signed up to dating sites behind John’s back?
Have you slept with anyone apart from your current partner Tony?
Is your name Sandy Hill?
Are you 43 years old?
Do you know who stole the drugs?

Did you steal the drugs?
Have you ever met up with a woman behind your partners back?

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form. Our team of experts will check the wording of your polygraph questions and adjust
the wording as they see fit.

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